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'''[http://qnetkb.cfms.org.uk/misc/References_FTAC.doc Referencing Guidelines]'''
'''[http://{{SERVERNAME}}/ab9e7hr3/misc/References_FTAC.doc Referencing Guidelines]'''

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When submitting new material or modifying existing content to the Qnet-KB Wiki, please follow and carry out the style of referencing and citation found in the following document.

Referencing Guidelines

Below is an example of the referencing style permitted for submitting new material or modifying existing content.

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  2. M.O. Bristeau, R. Glowinski, J. Periaux and H. Viviand (Eds), “Numerical Simulation of Compressible Navier-Stokes Flows”, In Proceedings of the 1985 GAMM Workshop, Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 18, 1985.
  3. S.A. Skebe, I. Greber and W.R. Hingst, “Investigation of Two-Dimensional Shock-Wave/Boundary-Layer Interactions”, AIAA, 25(6), 1987.
  4. J.M. Delery, “Investigation of strong shock-boundary layer interaction in 2-D transonic flows with emphasis on turbulence phenomena”, AIAA-81-1245.
  5. W. Haase, F. Brandsma, E. Elsholz, M. Leschziner and D. Schwamborn (Eds), “EUROVAL – An European Initiative on Validation of CFD Codes”, Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 42, 1992.