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The QNET-CFD is powered by MediaWiki. This has been extended with DynamicPageList. DynamicsPageList is used to dynamically extend the navigation tree. Its effect can be seen by moving the mouse pointer on the navigation tree sub branches of 'Application Areas' or sub branches of 'Underlying Flow Regimes' (UFR).

Figure 1: Navigation tree with dynamic page list extension

Figure 1 shows the result of the dynamics page list extension when the mopuse pointer id on 'Underlying Flow Regimes'-'Flow Around Bodies'. The seven extra boxes, representing UFRs, are generated dynamically.

For this process to work the NavTree need to include some extra commands. The test {{ ... }} on the source page of NavTree represets the dynamic page list extension. In the example below all entrees which belong to the category 'Flow Around Bodies' are added to the nvigation tree.

 **[[Flows_Around_Bodies|Flows Around Bodies]]
 {{#dpl:category=Flows Around Bodies|format=,***,[[%TITLE%]]\n,}}
 **[[Semi-confined_Flows|Semi-confined Flows]]

A further requirement is that all neccessary pages which logically are 'Flow Around Bodies' require the text [[Category:Flow Around Bodies]] on the source page.