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If CFD simulations of the AC have been performed then provide a brief overview. This should cover the scope of the calculations and the main aspects of the modelling strategy e.g. equations solved, turbulence and other physical models employed). All computational domain simplifications/idealisations, and the treatment of subgrid features should also be identified (e.g. imposed symmetry plane, omission of detailed features, simplification of complex/small scale features, i.e. porous media, use of equivalent wall roughness). If important details of the geometry representation are uncertain then the impact of these uncertainties on the DOAPs should be discussed, including possible ways for managing their effect.

It is left to the discretion of each author to decide the most appropriate way for structuring and summarising the CFD results. Ideally, the data structures used should be consistent with those used for the test data.

A summary table for all CFD simulation results should be included, as shown below in Table CFD-A. Available data should be clearly identified, (e.g. UVW, k, concentration, etc). As with test data, a distinction should be drawn between detailed local data (e.g. p(x,y,z)) and data relating to DOAPs which are likely to be global/summary parameters (e.g. coefficient of lift, CL).

All available detailed data should be stored in separate electronic datafiles (according to guidelines set out by the Knowledge Base team at the University of Surrey). These should be summarised as shown below in CFD-B, with links to each of the datafiles.

Name GNDPs PDPs (problem definition parameters) MPs (measured parameters)
Re Fr Wind direction Source rate (kg/s) Release density(kg/m3) Detailed data DOAPs
CFD 1 (dense gas dispersion) 0, 30, 45, 90, 180
Re Wind direction Building geometry Detailed data DOAPs
CFD 2 (passive gas releases) 0, 30, 45 A, B, C, D
Table CFD-A Summary description of all test cases

SP1 SP2 SP3 DOAPs, or other miscellaneous data
CFD 1 cfd11.dat cfd13.dat cfd14.datcfd15.dat
CFD 2 cfd21.dat cfd22.dat cfd23.dat cfd24.datcfd25.dat,


Table CFD-B Summary description of all available datafiles and simulated parameters